08.09.2015Delivery of sawmill equipment to South America
As a result of long-term sales process AS Hekotek has concluded contracts for the delivery of sawmill equipment to South America, to a „small“ (with 3,5 million inhabitants) country Uruguay, where in the Nothern part of this country, in a town Tacuarembo, a modern sawmill complex is planned to be started-up in 2016. Tacuarembo is a town with about 55 000 inhabitants – it is the 8th largest town i ...
24.08.2015Hekotek in Russia: Jyväskylä - Irkutsk - Perm - Moscow
Exhibiting schedule of Hekotek is rather busy this autumn:
06.08.2015A new pellet plant in Belarus
In the town of Borisov a new pellet plant owned by FLLC Swoods Export and delivered by Hekotek was launched beginning of 2015. For today the plant has reached its designed capacity - 30 000 ton pellets per year.
15.07.2015 Summer – time to work!
08.07.2015 Delivery of sawmill equipment to South America
22.04.2015 Visit us at Ligna!
18.02.2015 New contracts in Siberia
08.01.2015 New pellet plant started production in Eastern Siberia

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