AS Hekotek has signed a contract for the supply of equipment to the sawmill of Atlant LLC located in Jantal village, Irkutsk region of Russia.

Hekotek is to supply a set of own-manufactured equipment for this new sawmill complex, including lines for log sorting, log in-feed, sawn timber sorting, as well as conveyor system for collecting and removal of sawdust. The sawline itself is to be supplied by USNR.

– With respect to the legislative rule in Russia prohibiting round logs export starting from beginning of 2022, the construction of the new sawmill facilities is an important step, – comments Dmitry Gidenko, Atlant LLC project manager. – It ensures maintaining jobs in the region’s forest sector, as well as local processing of Siberia’s high-quality logs.

The first rail-cars with the equipment are to be shipped to Siberia already this summer, while the start-up of the whole sawmill complex and reaching of the project capacity are planned for the summer 2022.

Looking back, it’s worth mentioning Hekotek first supply of sawmill equipment implemented to the village of Jantal for the local company JantalLes in 2002. After some years of successful operation, this sawmill got through the period of several owner changes, and its production volumes remained low. The current owner, Atlant LLC, acquired the sawmill several years ago and has by now made a significant step forward to develop the sawmill, including strong well-timed investments in expanding its production facilities.