Hekotek concluded the contract on the supply of  aspiration system for the Finnish company group Metsä Wood OY at the beginning of this year.

A modern technology based factory has been established in Pärnu and will be producing various dimensions plywood from veneer.

The three separate filtering systems with fans and pipelines were included in the delivery. The productivity of the entire filtering system was 275 000 m³ of air in an hour, which has been divided into three separate filtering systems, 40 000 m³/h, 105 000 m³/h, and 130 000 m³/h. Sawdust transfer system, either via pipelines or conveyors, is also included in each filter.
Considering the processed material’s (dry sawdust) characteristics, a special attention had to be paid to avoid or eliminate the risk of explosion, which was successfully obtained in cooperation with the subcontractors.
The first proper „christening“ received by our young colleague, the Project Manager Jürgen Põldma.
Today our devices have been successfully launched and the client is happy with the result.
We wish success to Metsä Wood Eesti AS on the final startup and setup of the new factory, and thank you for the pleasant cooperation!