We herewith inform about the fire, which broke out on Hekotek production site in Estonia on 2.06.2017. The paint shop burned down. Neither injures nor deaths were registered as a result of the incident. Paintwork materials stored in a special container were removed from the burning building within the first minutes of the fire.

As of the current date, experts have inspected the incident scene and cleanup works after the fire have been started. The cause of the fire will be announced in the near future, however, it is clear that a strong wind significantly enhanced the fire spread.

Since the very foundation of Hekotek, AON has always been our insurance agent and all reasonable risks are insured. The first meetings with the PZU insurance company representatives bring hope that the objective of the burned down shop restoration by the end of the year can be achieved.

For the moment of the fire there were only small structure elements of equipment intended for our customers in the pain shop. These elements were not affected by the fire. A stock of components located in the building of electrical warehouse adjacent to the paint shop will be recovered within 3-4 weeks. All the components for the nearest large delivery of Hekotek were on our contractor’s site. No delays in equipment deliveries to customers are expected.

During the summer sandblasting and painting of large structures can be carried out under a fence-roof. Besides, we have already received offers from companies ready to provide this service to Hekotek. Currently we have no doubt that due to the joint efforts of Hekotek and our partners all the works scheduled will be completed on time and with the appropriate high quality.

We are grateful to the Estonian rescue service for coordinated work on the incident scene and their help in extinction of fire and preventing the fire spread.

JUNE 14, 2017 UPDATE:
For today all the cleanup works after the fire have been completed and we are focused on soonest reconstruction of the burned facility.