Engineering data of sawn timber handling lines

  • Board parameters:
    Sideboard thickness – up to 60 mm, center boards thickness – up to 200 mm;
    Length – 2,0–6,2 m, special solutions for shorter boards (from 1,2 m).
  • Line speed – up to 120 pcs./min.
  • Type of sorting bins (vertical or horizontal) – as required by the certain project tasks and specifics.
  • Processor-based control system with computer screen visualisation and generation of various reports on the boards handled.
  • Integrated advanced measuring systems, automatic quality assessment systems.
  • Simpler solutions with possibility of manual sorting – up to 50 000 m³ of handled sawn timber per year.
  • Advanced solutions fitted with vertical or horizontal sorting bins – up to 120 000 m³ of handled sawn timber per year.

Examples of implemented projects

Vara Saeveski

Sawmill in Estonia.

Combi sawn timber handling line launched in 2014. Sorting speed 120 pcs./min, packaging speed – up to 140 pcs./min.

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Robeta Holz

Sawmill in Germany.

Combi sawn timber handling line in operation since 2009. Speed – 120 pcs./min. Trimming combined with packaging.

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Sawmill in Russia, Irkutsk region.

Sawn timber handling line specialised for logs of unified length – 4 meters. In operation since 2019.

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Other solutions for sawmills

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Log infeed lines

Conveyor systems