Hekotek product range includes various conveyors for woodworking enterprises, including solutions for logs, sawn timber and bulk materials. CONVEYOR SYSTEMS Various conveyor systems Download PDF Information brouchure

Different conveyor for sawmills and woodworking plants:

  • One- or two-chain conveyors;

  • scraper conveyors;

  • belt conveyors of different purpose;

  • accumulating conveyors;

  • screw conveyors, diameter depending on the unit capacity;

  • transverse and lengthwise transportation conveyors;

  • ‘moving floor’ feeding systems for bulk material;

  • combined solutions: with sieves, chippers, shredders, metal detectors and pneumatic transport.

Various conveyors of different types make up an integral part of woodworking production chain.

Selection of technical solution depends on the required capacity and characteristics of the material handled.

Other equipment for sawmills

Log sorting lines

Log infeed lines

Board handling lines