Universal power generation solutions, specially designed for woodworking enterprises, where production residuals are collected and used for the purpose of heat generation. WASTE WOOD BOILER HOUSES Waste wood boiler houses Download PDF Information brochure

Engineering data of waste wood boiler houses

  • Our solutions ensure efficient utilisation of both wet residuals (sawdust and woodchips of moisture content up to 50%) and dry residuals (sawdust, shavings and wood dust of moisture content up to 30%).

  • modules for heat power generation: modules up to 5,0 MW for non-dried residuals, modules up to 2,0 MW for dry residuals;

  • boilers and heat exchangers – by leading suppliers.

  • fully automated fuel infeed conveyors

  • requested temperature of hot water pipeline is regulated by automatics, ensuring the temperature regime of the boiler water to be undisturbed.

  • no need in continuous operator attendance due to fully automatic, visualised control and monitoring system, which allows operating the via computer network

We offer complex approach and solutions – from engineering design and production to daily customer support.

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