Various conveyor solutions for transporting logs to debarkers, sawlines, chippers, as well as for veneer industry. LOG INFEED LINES Log feeding systems Download PDF Information brouchure

Engineering data of log infeed lines

  • Log parameters: diameter 80–600 mm, length 3,0–6,2 m; special solutions for logs of larger diameters and shorter logs (from 1,8 m).

  • Line speed – up to 180 m/min. Line capacity – 20–40 pcs./min, over 5000 pcs./shift

  • palkidele läbimõõduga 80 kuni 600 mm, pikkusega 3,0-6,2 m, spetsiaalsed lahendused ka lühematele, palkidele (alates 1,8m) ja suurematele palgiläbimõõtudele

  • Advanced log measuring systems with the function of log volume calculating. Additional option – diameter-based log rejecting.

  • Processor-based control system with computer screen visualisation and generation of various reports on the logs fed.

Various log turning systems are applied:

  • compact revolver-type turners for smaller logs
  • curve conveyors (90° and 180°).

Other solutions for sawmills

Log sorting lines

Board handling lines

Conveyor systems