Engineering data of log infeed lines

  • Log parameters:
    Diameter 80–600 mm, length 3,0–6,2 m;
    Special solutions for logs of larger diameters and shorter logs (from 1,8 m).
  • Line speed – up to 180 m/min.
    Line capacity – 20–40 pcs./min, over 5000 pcs./shift
  • Advanced log measuring systems with the function of log volume calculating.
    Additional option – diameter-based log rejecting.
  • Processor-based control system with computer screen visualisation and generation of various reports on the logs fed.

Various log turning systems are applied:
– compact revolver-type turners for smaller logs
– curve conveyors (90° and 180°).

Examples of implemented projects

Sawmill 25

Sawmill in Russia, Arkhangelsk

Log infeed line delivered within the complex project framework, in operation since 2004.

Annual infeed volume – 300 thousand m3 of sawlogs.

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Vara Saeveski

Sawmill in Estonia

Log infeed line equipped with revolver log turning device, in operation since 2015.

Capacity – over 30 logs per minute.

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LDK Igirma

Sawmill in Russia, Irkutsk region

Log infeed line launched in 2008 is successfully performing its production tasks ever since.

Annual capacity – 400 thousand m3 of sawlogs.

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Other solutions for sawmills

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Board handling lines

Conveyor systems