The lines are mainly designed for debarking and chipping of fuelwood and low-grade logs, which are to be chipped for further processing. DEBARKING AND CHIPPING LINES Debarking and chipping of
low-grade logs
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Engineering data of debarking
and chipping lines for low-grade logs

  • The lines are specially designed for debarking of heterogeneous batches and do not require one-by-one log feeding.

  • the capacity depends on the debarker and chipper types, as well as on the desired debarking quality: 80 m³ of logs per hour – for premium pellets and up to 120 m³ of logs per hour – for industrial pellets.

  • debarking is performed by force of logs rubbing against each other and their contact with teeth of debarking rotors.

  • the type and the model of the chipper are selected with respect to the required capacity.

The solution is perfect for advanced wood pellet plants.

Effective processes of debarking and chipping ensure flexibility in point of raw material with no loss of ready pellets quality.

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