Engineering data of log sorting lines

  • Log parameters:
    Diameter 80–600 mm, length 3,0–6,2 m;
    Special solutions for logs of larger diameters, shorter (from 2,0 m) and longer (up to 22 m) logs, including cross cutting solutions for longer logs.
  • Conveyor speed – up to 160 m/min, line capacity – over 20 pcs./min, up to 10 000 pcs./shiſt.
  • Sorting volume – up to 1 100 000 m³/year.
  • Number and type of bins (one-/two-side) – according to customers’ requirements.
  • ‘Turn-key’ deliveries include operators’ working rooms, storage rooms and container-type solutions for electrical and hydraulic centers.
  • Metal detectors and log measuring systems – according to customers’ preferences.
  • Generation of various reports to be printed or sent via computer network.

Beside log sorting, the line allows measuring the exact volume of each log batch arriving at the sawmill – an important tool for proper production management.

We supply log sorting solutions for extreme operation conditions – from Siberian winters to African summers.

Examples of implemented projects

Metsa Svir

Sawmill in Russia, Leningrad region.

Log sorting line equipped with 60 bins. Capacity 500 thousand m2. In operation since 2006.

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Nordwood / Viiratsi Saeveski

Sawmill in Estonia.

Log sorting line equipped with 50 bins. Launched in 2015 and operating ever since. Capacity 500 thousand m3. . In operation since 2006. Sorting conveyor speed 150 m/min.

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Frutifor Lumber

Sawmill in Uruguay.

Log sorting line equipped with 12 bins operates in fully automated mode – with no operator to perform visual log evaluation.

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