Log sorting is a part of sawmill production chain, which overcomes the challenge of sawmill yield increase. It is due to the possibility of log sorting both diameter-based and optimised for each particular sawing cut. LOG SORTING LINES Log sorting lines Download PDF Informational brochure

Engineering data of log sorting lines

  • Log parameters: Diameter 80–600 mm, length 3,0–6,2 m; Special solutions for logs of larger diameters, shorter (from 2,0 m) and longer (up to 22 m) logs, including cross cutting solutions for longer logs.

  • conveyor speed – up to 160 m/min, line capacity – over 20 pcs./min, up to 10 000 pcs./shiſt.

  • sorting volume – up to 1 100 000 m³/year.

  • number and type of bins (one-/two-side) – according to customers’ requirements.

  • ‘turn-key’ deliveries include operators’ working rooms, storage rooms and container-type solutions for electrical and hydraulic centers.

  • metal detectors and log measuring systems – according to customers’ preferences.

  • generation of various reports to be printed or sent via computer network.

Beside log sorting, the line allows measuring the exact volume of each log batch arriving at the sawmill – an important tool for proper production management.

We supply log sorting solutions for extreme operation conditions – from Siberian winters to African summers.

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