Wood pellets are a perfect alternative to other fuels used for heat power generation due to their high calorific efficiency, low ash content and a possibility to render the pellet-burning process of power generation automatic. PELLET BOILER HOUSES Wood pellet boiler houses Download PDF Informational brochure

Engineering data of wood pellet boiler houses

  • Module units up to 2.0 MW.

  • higher capacity of the unit can be achieved by merging similar modules into one joint system.

  • fully automated solutions, efficiency factor 85–90 %.

  • boilers and heat exchangers – by leading suppliers.

  • the delivery includes fully automated conveyors of fuel infeed, as well as silos for fuel storage.

  • internet connected control center. No need in continuous operator attendance, since all the operating parameters, including fuel supply, can be controlled on-line.

Each boiler house is transported in the form of transportation modules pre-assembled at Hekotek workshop, which significantly reduces installation time on-site.

Other solutions of aspiration systems and boiler houses

Aspiration systems

Waste wood boiler houses