AS Hekotek informs that starting from June the company has a new Chairman of Executive Board and CEO Margo Muzakko.

 Margo has been working at Hekotek since 2011, having been the Head of project division for 10 years.

 The current Executive Board Chairman, Heiki Einpaul, is not leaving the company; he will take up the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

 Heiki Einpaul comments: “I have been with Hekotek since its foundation in 1992, being the CEO and Chairman of Executive Board for over 25 years. I am sure that now is the right moment to pass the torch of the company leadership to an experienced and trusted teammate, who will continue leading the company to new achievements. I am convinced of Hekotek consistent and successful operation under Margo’s leadership. The support and the quality level, which our customers are used to, will remain on the same high level and improve. As for myself, I am staying with the team, happy to share my experience and, if necessary, help with good advice.”