Hekotek signed its first contract for supplying a complex pellet plant to Estonia. All the pellet plants by Hekotek have so far been delivered to Russia (Krasnoyarsk, Arkhangelsk, Lesosibirsk, Impilahti) and Sweden (Gruvön).

Purutuli OÜ (located in Tartu) is investing in construction of a new pellet plant, which is to be located in the site of the former SAUGA sawmill (in Parnu district) closed by the owner (Stora Enso) in 2008.

In the mill there will be installed 2 pellet presses by CPM (the Netherlands), the sawdust for production process is to be prepared by means of two Hekotek-produced drier drums with a wood wastes furnaces. The new mill designed capacity will make up about 60 000 ton/year, its launch being planned for the end of this year.