Project manager of Novoeniseisky LHK pellet plant construction (Krasnoyarsk region) Alari Roosi has visited the enterprise again after a month and a half since the launch of production. The goal of the trip is to become personally certain that the new mill with the estimated annual capacity of 30 000 tons properly operates.

Alari mentioned that the first batch of pellets was produced on August 26th, 2010, and on October 7th the mill’s output made up 36.5 tons of pellets during an 8-hour shift. Nowadays the mill works round-the-clock being operated by 4-5 people per shift – a loader operator, operators and packers into flexible “big bag” containers. The mill processes about 75 000 m3 of wood annually.

It should be mentioned that it is the second pellet plant in the region (the first project was realised at DOK Enisey). Availability of such capacities provides the opportunity for the next step – use of pellets as fuel for local boiler houses. This will undoubtedly become the best economically sound solution for producers, because it will help them to save money on transportation rates that cannot be avoided when delivering green fuel to Europe – the main market for pellets nowadays.

For example, in Arkhangelsk region by the current heating season there have been launched 5 new automatic pellet burning boiler houses (total capacity 25 MW) instead of the former coal-burning boiler houses. We hope that also in Krasnoyarsk region there will be more possibilities to use modern green fuel and energy.

Boiler houses in Arkhangelsk – before and after the construction (coal- and pellet-burning correspondingly)