Hekotek has successfully completed its first delivery of a new wooden pellet production mill.

The mill, which annual production capacity makes up 40 000 tons of pellets, has been put into operation in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia, Russia) for the long-term customer of Hekotek – DoK Enisey, where a few years ago we delivered a complete set of modern sawmill equipment.

The new pellet plant is based on pellet presses produced by Andritz Sprout A/S. In the current stage the mill is operating with two pellet presses. However, should increased production capacity be required, the third press can easily be added to the mill structure.

So far utilisation of wood wastes has been a serious problem in the Russian sawmills. The pellet plant newly established in Krasnoyarsk is a good chance to solve the problem and move towards renewable energy resource manufacture.