A pellet plant with annual capacity of 30 th. ton in Borisov (Belarus) owned by Swoods Export was put into operation in the beginning of 2015 with the equipment delivered and started-up by Hekotek.

The new plant ensured not only economically reasonable usage of the production site of the existing sawmill, but utilisation of wastes (sawdust and partially chips). As a result, company owners decided to make additional investments in increasing the capacity of pellet production. Thus, they signed a contract for delivery of additional equipment that allows to double the existing annual capacity and to reach 60 th. ton of pellets.

Efficiency of the advanced technological solutions which Hekotek applied in this project have already been proved in the previously realised projects of Hekotek. Conveyors and other components, incl. a drum dryer and bark-burning furnace are manufactured by Hekotek in Estonia, with pelletising equipment to be supplied by the Dutch producer – CPM.

As a general supplier of the project, Hekotek takes responsibility for the complete delivery of the plant complex equipment, its fast installation, start-up, and – as a result – smooth operation of all the plant units.

We thank Swood Export, its owners and management for the trust and hope to continue cooperation in future!