The pellet plant in Sauga (Estonia), launched at the end of the last year, has reached its full capacity within less than three months! The first pellets (over 4000 tons) have already been shipped to European customers.

Successfully arranged logistics was especially significant in achieving such a result, as the mill processes over 1200 m3 of sawdust daily. All the raw material is purchased from third-party suppliants and delivered to the mill by trucks, which means some 20-25 trucks to be accepted daily and 10-15 trucks with ready pellets – to be dispatched.

Two pellet CPM presses (The Netherlands) are operating at the mill; each of them having capacity of 4.5 tons per hour, the mill’s daily output makes up over 200 tons of pellets. Wet sawdust is dried in two drum dryers, their operation based on 2 bark-, chips- and sawdust burning furnaces (all the fuel of natural moisture). Furnace gasses are cooled by fresh air and cleaned in multi-cyclone and then forwarded to drying drums.

For this pellet plant Hekotek provided a new technical solution for production of technological steam for pressing. The essence of the solution is as follows: hot-water boiler, operating on dry sawdust, heats the water up to 170 degrees (10 Bars), then the water enters located near the presses heat exchanger “water-steam”, where the steam is produced.

The new solution was used by Hekotek for the first time, however, it’s already clear that it justified itself.

The pellet plant owners seem to plan to increase the mill’s capacity by one third in the near future