Solombalsky LDK (Arkhangelsk, Russia), which in the 1980-s used to be the largest sawmill in Europe (its record production figures reached 1.5 mln cubic meters of sawlogs processed annually), has started its long-expected modernisation of sawmill sector.

Pretty soon a new advanced sawmill will be constructed at the site of Solombalsky LDK. The new sawmill, its designed capacity making up some 800 thousand cubic meters of sawlogs processed annually, is to completely replace the old sawmill equipment currently operating.

This project is the next after the one of Lesosibirsky LDK 1 construction, where Hekotek does not only supply its own manufactured equipment, but acts as a project general supplier responsible for complex delivery of equipment for the whole new sawmill.

Equipment of the brands well-known both in the region and worldwide will be installed at the sawmill. The new sawmill will be constructed so that the formed packages of green sawn timber will be transferred directly to the existing progressive dry kilns (without any extra haulage).

In February 2013 the new equipment complex will be shipped to Arkhangelsk, by end of Summer 2013 the sawmill is to be launched.

On behalf of all the project equipment manufacturers we express our thanks to Solombalsky LDK for the given confidence!