Beginning of wooden pellets manufacture on site of Arkhangelsk LDK 3 (RusForest AB) is expected soon, the new pellet plant capacity – up to 100 thousand ton/year.
Hekotek signed the contract for delivery of the new pellet plant equipment for RusForest AB.

“The project is unique because of the agreed time of delivery and launch, – comments Heiki Einpaul, Managing Director of AS Hekotek. – Beginning of autumn 2013 the complex of equipment is to be in Arkhangelsk and we plan to launch the mill by the end of the year”.

The complex delivery will include 3 pellet presses by CPM, 3 drum dryers by Hekotek and 2 silos for ready pellets, storage capacity of each making up some 4000 ton (diameter of each silo 18 m, height – 25 m). The new pellet plant is designed with regard to further increase of production capacity up to 200 thousand ton/year.

All the pellets produced are to be exported by sea vessels loaded from the own berth of Arkhangelsk LDK 3.