Construction of pellet production mill has been almost been completed at Arkhangelsk LDK No.3 (RusForest AB). Under the test operation the first tons of pellets were produced on January 21. Reaching full designed capacity is planned for March 2014. Production of 100 th. ton of pellets per year will allow the enterprise to efficiently utilise all the exsisting and new residues of the sawmill.

The first freight vessel exporting pellets to Europe is to be shipped out already in February, and since March at least two vessels are to be shipped out from the berth of Arkhangelsk LDK No.3. Internal logistics of the plant is a key-factor to ensure proper pellet shipment. Thus, ready pellets are being stored right on the berth – in the two silos, largest in Russia so far (4 thousand ton each – 25 m high, 18 m diameter by Cimbria, Denmark).

In terms of technological equipment the new pellet plant is quite a regular one – the basis is formed by high quality machinery and advanced but proved technologies: 3 pellet presses by CPM (press capacity being 4.5 ton of pellets per hour) and mill for dry raw material, 3 drum dryers by Hekotek, Bruks screen and band conveyor. Hekotek as a general supplier of the project took responsibility not only for the machinery delivery, but for technical design and equipment commissioning – which is crucial for fast realisation of such a project and further smooth operation of the whole pellet plant.

Our congratulations to the team of Arkhangelsk LDK No.3!