In full swing is currently our project in France, where we deliver to Etablissements GAIFFE SARL equipment for logs handling with collecting conveyors for sawing residues. 

The customer is a family business keeping up the local sawmilling traditions, located in NE part of France.

With Veisto OY HewSaw sawing line as the heart, the new sawmill complex also has a range of Hekotek-manufactured equipment – log sorting line and log in-feed equipment to the sawing line, as well as conveyors for collecting, sorting and removal of sawing residues (bark, chips, sawdust). A specific feature of this project is high-speed in-feed of short (2,5 m) logs. As always, we supply and install on site all our equipment.

At the moment, mechanical installation is coming to an end and will be completed before the end of 2022, while the start-up of the equipment is scheduled for spring 2023.

The range of the equipment supplied within the project framework is quite standard, however, the project has rather an interesting feature – the log in-feed line will handle both round logs and the so-called ‘square’ ones. The fact is that the mill is going to process logs of a larger diameter. These logs are first to go through a band saw to get the slabs removed, and only after that follow to the in-feed line delivered by Hekotek, and further – to the saw line.

Our customers’ confidence is very important for us and always highly appreciated.