Hekotek AS has signed a contract for the supply of a log sorting line to Versowood OY in Finland.

Being one of the largest Finnish private sawmill companies, Versowood OY acquired the site of Kissakoski sawmill in August 2022, started its modernization in autumn and there the new log sorting line by Hekotek is to be installed.

The new line capacity will enable to annually sort up to 200 th. cubic meters of logs. In addition to the function of sorting logs in accordance with the required parameters, the line will ensure measuring the exact volume of logs arriving at the sawmill from suppliers. The line equipped with a revolver-turner will include 32 sorting bins; X-ray and 3D scanners will be delivered for measuring precise size dimensions of logs.

The delivery and the start of installation works are scheduled for July 2023, followed by the launch of the line in August 2023. As usual, Hekotek is responsible for both, delivery of the line and its complete installation and start-up. We greatly appreciate our customers trust and confidence. For decades now, we at Hekotek have maintained our reputation as the most important aspect of our business.