The project of the new sawmill construction in Dedovichi (Pskov region, Russia) is currently at full swing. In close cooperation with other equipment suppliers (among them EWD, Germany – band sawline equipment, Valon Kone, Finland – debarkers, Hekotek again undertook obligations of the project general supplier.

Complex of Hekotek equipment manufactured for Sudoma Sawmill includes log sorting line equipped with cross-cutting unit, supporting equipment for the saw-shop, board sorting line (combi-type) and waste-handling conveyors.

End of June 2013 log sorting line is to be shipped to Russia. Sawmill equipment will be ready for shipment in August. Installation works being planned for beginning of autumn, in spring 2014 the new sawmill is to be launched. Designed capacity of the sawmill per year makes up as much as 100 thousand cubic meters of sawn timber.

Sudoma Sawmill will operate as a deep wood processing enterprise – wood thermal treatment and impregnation will become integral parts of the enterprise production complex.